About Us 3

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Our Philosophy

We take a holistic approach to working with children, families and staff in schools. We aim to work with the child and the ‘team around the child’ – be they parents, carers, extended family members, teachers, teaching assistants, etc.

We look at a child’s attachment style, try to understand their inner world and help them make sense of it. Whilst doing this, we offer advice, emotional support and strategies to those around the child so that everyone can support the child – and benefit themselves.

Our Services

We aim to work with clusters of local schools, so that each learns from each other – what works or doesn’t, how to engage families, understanding behavioural plans. Schools can benefit by sharing pastoral care and the costs of the service.

Each school will have:

1:1 support for pupils (delivered by a volunteer therapist in their final year of training)

  •          Lunchtime drop in for pupils
  •          Support for parents and carers (1:1 support and a weekly drop in)
  •          Support for staff (a weekly drop in and on-going support)
  •          Training for school staff (listening skills, attachment in the classroom)
  •          Paws B Mindfulness for 7-11 year olds
  •          Babywatching Groups
  •          Sociograms – measuring the emotional wellbeing of all children in your school

Impact on learning

The changes made this year to how we are collecting attainment data for children in the 1:1 service has meant we are able to demonstrate for the first time the direct impact that the therapeutic intervention is having on children’s learning. The initial data collected and mapped shows that for children who are making little or no progress prior to starting therapy and particularly those attaining below average for their age the therapeutic progress can accelerate progress and narrow the attainment gap.