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B.A.S.E. stands for Babywatching to reduce Anxiety and Aggression and promote Sensitivity and Empathy

We have been deliverying BASE ® Babywatching, which is a highly effective, schools-based programme, in schools for four years now with some amazing outcomes:

“a child who is a selective mute talking out loud”

“a child who is also in 1:1 therapy who in his sessions has been violent and destructive has taken to nurturing the dolls in therapy room”

“an 8 year old boy hugging his mum for the first time ever”

“boys who originally pushed and shoved one another helping each other out”

 “a shy girl who never asks for help, having the confidence to come to the drop in and ask for help”

“confidence growing in a number of children allowing them to participate in group discussions”

What happens in a babywatching group

A parent, and their baby, visit a class of children, once a week, for half an hour, so the children can watch the interactions between mother and baby, and their developing relationship. Guided by the Group Leader, who is this simple act of detailed observation reduces children’s anxiety and aggression by increasing understanding and empathy. Children feel safer, more focused and ready to learn.

Please contact Toni Medcalf if you would like to know more about Paws B or Babywatching:  
Tel: 07554 008179