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We aim to work with clusters of local schools, so that each learns from each other – what works or doesn’t, how to engage families, understanding behavioural plans. Schools can benefit by sharing pastoral care and the costs of the service.

Each participating school receives:

  • A Counselling Services Manager who finds and supervises the therapists working-in your school, helps assess the need for therapy, runs the drop-in services and collects/monitors data to asses outcomes of the service. He/she will provide any additional training in school (listening skills, attachment, friendship groups).
  • One or two therapists working one or two days a week. These will be counsellors who are on placement in their last year of training. They would typically work with 4 or 5 children, depending on the length of your school day.
  • Parents drop-In, held first thing in the morning for parents to see the Counselling Services Manager to discuss/seek support for any issues that may be impacting on them or their family. This could be a concern about their child in school or relate to family circumstances such as a bereavement, divorce, job loss, domestic violence, etc. We can then offer therapeutic support, strategies to manage behaviour or signposting to other agencies who may be able to help.
  • Lunch-time drop-in for all children in school. This is their opportunity to be heard. Schools are often busy places with many constraints on a teacher’s time so they are often not able to provide sufficient one-to-one time to listen.
  • Staff drop-in offering an opportunity for your staff to be heard. Whether it is just an overwhelming day, they have concerns about a pupil or wish to discuss something in their personal lives. This time can be used as they wish. We’ll either offer direct support or find someone who can help.