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Sociograms are a visual representation of interpersonal relationships within a group.  It gives information on the children are included in their class or the playground

They can be used as a pre and post impact and evaluation measure for Working with Others.

They help teachers and other staff understand morea bout pupils’ peer relationship.  It is often a useful starting point for identifying and addressing the social and emotional needs of pupils.

The sociogram helps staff be aware of patterns of acceptance and rejection within the peer group using a visual representation.

We can come in run the measures throughout your school, collect the data and help you make sense of it.   Once you have the information we can run an inset with your staff to discuss the various children plan ways in which they can be supported.

Other schools have changed their induction policies, changed seating arrangements, put social skills, friendship groups or nurture groups together, thought thoroughly about behaviour management and a peer role model programme.

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