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“As a Headteacher who had experience of the impact of the Counselling Partnership in Ealing, I am not disappointed by its impact in Harrow. Our CSM has established herself as a valued member of the staff and the community. Phenomenally high data validates that we are reaching out and supporting children and adults…the culture of “its ok to say ‘I’m not ok’” is becoming quickly embedded. A correlation is already forming between early intervention of the counselling service and reductions in safeguarding cases. We are recognising that by asking for help we can do better for our children. I am absolutely chuffed with the impact from our first year and incredibly grateful to the John Lyon charity for improving the lives of Priestmead community.”

Sash Hamidi, Headteacher, Priestmead Primary School & Nursery, Harrow

“Last night at our governing body meeting we discussed the data that SCP had sent.   Our parent governors shared with the governing body how popular you are (Counselling Services Manager) with our pupils and how they happily tell each other that they can go to you and you will sort out their problems.   Governors were delighted with this news”

Karen Doherty, Drayton Green Primary School, Ealing

“The SCP is an essential part of our school provision.  Our school wants every child to be able to learn and recognise that many families and children have such difficult circumstances that concentration becomes impossible.

Helping children and families develop the strategies to cope with difficult situations is vital to ensuring that we break the cycle of disadvantage and enable our children to learn.

The SCP helps us to do exactly this.  It is irreplaceable and a valued part of our school offer.   The organisation and efficiency of the service makes it very easy to manage and the additional support for staff has been well used during these stressful times”.

Tessa Hodgson, Headteacher, Oaklands Primary School, Ealing

The counselling services have worked above and beyond their job description and it isn’t over exaggerating to say they have changed the lives of many children and support families through trauma. I am particularly impressed with the work that they have done with parents and children (often meeting well before school to accommodate parents working patterns). They have help re-build family relationships so that children are no longer scared to go home.

Don’t know if I am allowed to say this but I have never known a CP case get to 2case closed” so quickly – as this was largely due to the work of Aisling, and the support she gave to the mother of the family.

Alison Stowe, CP Lead, Priestmead Primary School, Harrow

“Toni ensures that the calibre of therapists working with the children is of a high standard, which is essential, as the service provides much need psychotherapy to children who have experienced early life trauma. I can only hope that this dynamic and creative therapeutic service continues into the future.”

Louis Sydney, Child & Adult Psychotherapist (MA, UKCP), who has provided supervision for counsellors and trainee psychotherapists.

“Working with the counselling project in Ealing is always a very gratifying experience since this service provides good quality therapy and emotional support to children, their parents and also the school staff.  The manager of the service always brings new therapeutic approaches such as babywatching, mindfulness for children and training for teachers on attachment and trauma, in order to reach more children and provide the support that the wholes school community needs.

As supervisor of the trainees that provide the counselling, I can see that Toni makes sure that they are well supported, with regular individual and group supervision.   It is a pleasure to see the progress of the children who use the service and also the progress that the trainees achieve during their placement.

The schools counselling project in Ealing is a safe, coherent and well organised service and I enjoy being a part of it.”

Clara Garcia Hammond (External Supervisor)

 Parents’ feedback

“Thank you so much. We can’t believe the change in M’s behaviour. She will now happily go to school. The strategies you gave us and the understanding around loss really helped us to understand what had been going on for M and also gave us chance to grieve too.”

The change in B has been amazing and the strategies you have given us to support him at home and manage my own anxiety have really helped.”

“J is much happier and much more confident in school. I am extremely happy about his progress.”

“H’s confidence has really grown. He now engages with other children and adults outside of school which is a huge improvement”

Children’s comments:

“I look forward to Fridays because I know I am going to see E.”

“It means I can tell someone how I’m feeling, because when I try and tell my mum and dad they don’t listen because they argue.”

“This is the only place where I feel heard.”

“I like to be here because I know it is helping me.”

Staff comment

The day you’re in it’s like a veil of calm descends across the whole school.  We all feel it. It’s quite powerful”