A holistic approach
to working with children, young people, families and staff in schools
One-to-one therapeutic counselling service
for children and young people
Support for parents/carers
and a confidential space for school staff
A whole school approach
to emotional health and well-being
Understanding a child’s inner world
and helping them make sense of it and releasing their emotional blocks to learning

Therapeutic counselling services for children

We specialise in providing therapeutic counselling services supporting children, young people, schools and families. We challenge the ‘norm’ and have successfully improved the life chances of the children we work with.

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children received long-term therapeutic support in 2018
visits to our drop-ins
of attendees said they’d recommend our training
reduction in overall stress

The day that you are in it’s like a veil of calm descends across the whole school. We all feel it. It’s quite powerful

Acting Head, Dairy Meadow Primary School

Joining the Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership has transformed the way we support students at Elthorne

Assistant Head, Elthorne Park High School

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. The support for my child and I has been so valuable. I wish all parents could have something like this


You are my knight, dressed as a human

Year 4 Student

You are the only one who hasn’t told me what to do. You just listened

Year 5 Student

It was like there was a maze inside my head and I couldn’t get out. Then you came along and unlocked the door…

Year 6 student

Attachment in the Classroom and the Impact of Aces (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Schools Counselling Partnership (SCP) offers a range of training to support school staff to improve their practice around pupils’ emotional wellbeing. All training is delivered at the Ealing Education Centre by Toni Medcalf, CEO of the Schools Counselling Partnership and a trained Psychotherapist. Training takes place at the Ealing Education Centre This three part training… Read More →

Surviving the Holidays

Disrupted schedules, traveling with little ones, the crash and burn from all the excitement — Holidays can easily be a recipe for tears and tantrums. Here’s how to manage life during the holidays to minimize the tears and maximize the joy. 1. The most important tip, as always in parenting, is to manage yourself so… Read More →