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Case Studies

Helping A Child to Get in Touch with their Feelings

Client D was referred age 8 after their Parents separated and their Mother moved out of the family home. Within the weekly sessions, Client D talked about what was happening with their family but would dismiss or minimise their feelings about it. They described how, if upsetting things happened, they would distract themselves by going… Read More →

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Supporting Our Most Vulnerable Parents

A parent initially attended the counselling service termly coffee morning held at school. It was at the coffee morning that the parent approached the CSM and requested to make an appointment to meet privately. At the time, the parent had recently moved from the Middle East to the UK with her young daughter. The parent… Read More →

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Making Connections for a Child

B (Y3) was referred to the school counsellor by their teacher who was concerned that B frequently appeared worried and was often seen isolated from peers. The CSM and counsellor learned that B was abruptly separated from their mother at the age of 18 months and was raised by their father for a few years… Read More →

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