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Our ESG Agenda


  • Resource all therapy rooms with recyclable materials
  • Reuse materials in therapy rooms
  • Ban use of wet wipes
  • Bulk order resources to reduce packaging and number of deliveries
  • Promotional materials primarily online


  • Provision of free therapeutic support to our most vulnerable children, young people, parents, carers and teaching staff
  • Provision of placements to those wanting to train in the field of mental health
  • Provision of free trainings to all schools to enable staff to feel confident when dealing with children and young people with mental health issues
  • Annual fundraising efforts to enable to reduce costs of service to school


  • Strict safeguarding policies
  • Annual safe guarding training for everyone working with us
  • Annual safer recruitment training
  • Highly qualified team of practitioners
  • High transparency and record keeping
  • All staff to be DBS checked