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Our Impact

1-to-1 Support

34 children received support


of teachers reported a reduction in the child’s overall stress


of parents reported a reduction in the child’s overall stress

Lunchtime Drop-in Service

Children made 1027 visits to the lunchtime drop in.

  • Friendship issues are by far the most common reason for a child self-referring
  • 66% of referrals are from girls and 34% from boys
  • 66% of children are in KS2, however, given the larger number of pupils in KS2 there is relatively little different between KS1 and KS2


unique pupils used the drop-in service


of pupils accessed the service

Parents & Staff

  • 53 parents made 112 visits to the Parent’ Drop In
  • 7 couples made 10 visits
  • 4 parents received ongoing support
  • 43 members of staff made 210 visits
  • 15 staff members received ongoing support


parents visited the Parents Drop-in


staff accessed the service

Reading & Writing

  • Pre-therapy NO children were working ABOVE age related expectations, this increased to 30%
  • 35% of children moved from below to working AT or ABOVE age related expectations
  • The % of children working below expectations dropped by nearly half 75% down to 40%
  • 14 out of 20 children made MORE progress in maths following therapy (70%)
  • Average progress increased from 1.15 to 2.15 sub-levels progress per year in maths
  • 5 made accelerated progress (more than 2 sub-levels per year)


increase of children reading above age related expectations


increase of children writing above age related expectations

The day that you are in it’s like a veil of calm descends across the whole school. We all feel it. It’s quite powerful.

Acting Head, Dairy Meadow Primary School