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Our Impact

1-to-1 Support

293 children received support


of teachers reported a reduction in the child’s overall stress measured using SDQs


of parents reported a reduction in the child’s overall stress measured using SDQs

Lunchtime Drop-in Service

  • Themes include: friendship, bereavement, anxiety, separation, loneliness, sats, gcses, a levels, self harm, suicidal ideation
  • 66% of referrals are from girls and 33% from boys
  • 74% of children are in KS2


made 6888 visits


of pupils accessed the service

Academic Outcomes
(Reading, writing and maths)

  • Pre-therapy no children were working above age related expectations, this increased by 45%
  • The percentage of children working below expectations dropped by nearly half
  • Average progress increased from 1.15 to 2.15 sub-levels progress per year in maths


made accelerated progress in all subjects


of children made more progress in maths

Parents & Staff

  • 297 staff made 929 visits to the drop in service
  • 51 members of staff received on going therapeutic support
  • 41 parents received on going therapeutic support


parents visited the Parents Drop-in


staff accessed the service

The day that you are in it’s like a veil of calm descends across the whole school. We all feel it. It’s quite powerful.

Acting Head, Dairy Meadow Primary School

Our TL is amazing, she has increased our capacity to support children, parents and teachers ten fold.   Her emotional regulation training was great and I saw the penny drop for some of our long-established teachers who didn’t really understand why we should be looking beneath the behaviour.  I don’t know what we would do without this service.

Head Teacher