Image of a girl surrounded by illustrated minds

What they say

I can’t thank you enough.  You helped me up from the darkest points in my life. I am forever grateful.

Staff member

I am not scared of the darkness any more.


I didn’t know I was angry, but when I knew, I wasn’t angry any more.


It’s my safe space.  No one judges me here.

Child, Lunchtime Drop In Service

For my daughter it is life changing, to be able to express herself, to be able to ask questions, voice her fears and feel safe and heard.   Thank you.


You are my knight, dressed as a human

Year 4 Student

You are the only one who hasn’t told me what to do. You just listened

Year 5 Student

Joining the Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership has transformed the way we support students at Elthorne

Assistant Head, Elthorne Park High School

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. The support for my child and I has been so valuable. I wish all parents could have something like this


It was like there was a maze inside my head and I couldn’t get out. Then you came along and unlocked the door…

Year 6 student

The day that you are in it’s like a veil of calm descends across the whole school. We all feel it. It’s quite powerful

Acting Head, Dairy Meadow Primary School

Our TL is amazing, she has increased our capacity to support children, parents and teachers ten fold.  Her emotional regulation training was great and I saw the penny drop for some of our long-established teachers who didn’t really understand why we should be looking beneath the behaviour.  I don’t know what we would do without this service.

Head Teacher