Monitoring our service allows us to see what is working, what isn’t working, ask questions and constantly evaluate the service we provide.    The outcome from which can be supplied to your governors and any funders so that they can see the impact of the work we are doing.  In order to do this we use the following measures:

1 to 1 Service – we use:

  • class observations
  • strength and difficulty questionnaires with both parents and teachers
  • individual soft targets for each child set by both parents and teachers
  • attendance
  • attainment – pre, during and post therapy
  • child outcome ratings

we are currently looking a ways to measure the impact on the whole classroom.

Drop-in Service – we look at:

  • gender
  • year group
  • ethnicity
  • SEN status
  • EAL

this enables us to see who is and isn’t using the service, identify if there is a problem within a particular cohort and look at strategies to support those children which maybe by running a friendship group over the course of six weeks

Parent/Staff Drop-In

Due to the confidential nature of this part of the service we only look at:

  • numbers of people referring
  • gender
  • themes such as bereavement, domestic violence etc

if there is a common theme we may decide to run a bereavement or domestic violence group as this breaks down some of the barriers and stops isolation.