Thank you John Lyons

Thank you to the John Lyons Trust for supporting our expansion in Harrow. Having funded the Harrow Schools Counselling Partnership for a further three years has allowed up to set up a service which works across seven primary schools and one of their feeder secondary schools Bentley Wood High School for Girls.

Since the inception of the Schools Counselling Partnership I have wanted to provide a service that children grow up trusting. A service which promotes the idea that “it’s good to talk”, ‘it’s ok not to be ok” and “it’s ok to ask for help”. A service that grows and moves with children into High School. That time of transition can be really challenging for many young people as well as their parents. Hopefully a familiar face and place where they know they can seek support will make this journey easier.

I am delighted that all of the schools within our Partnership are fully supportive of this idea and put children/young people’s emotional health and well-being at the core of what they do.